1. Why should I give my order to phantompen.net?
Firstly, our writers are professional writers who are post-graduates from reputed international universities with degrees such as MBA, and MA and have a minimum of five years writing experience. Secondly, all our writers can handle great volumes of both academic and business writing work and produce high quality work efficiently. Thirdly, we can assure you of custom written work in English that is not plagiarised and is written based on the original research and writing efforts of our writers. Fourthly, and most importantly, we have built a reputation for reliable and quality work over the past several years, and because we greatly value this reputation, we will make sure that our work is consistent and reflective of quality.

2. How should I use an assignment provided by phantompen.net?
Assignments provided by us should be used either as a model for your assignment or as a learning resource. You will be liable for any adverse consequences if you decide to submit our assignment towards fulfillment of any university requirements without acknowledging us as a source of your work.

3. How will I benefit?
We will provide you with well-researched and written samples that will help ease your burden of facing a daunting and challenging writing assignment. With our timely and friendly assistance, you can hope to grow and excel in your educational program, save your company from losing a customer, get that dream admission or job or just realise your writing and publishing dreams.

4. How much time will you take to finish the project?
The time taken to write assignments depends on the topic, the subject, and the complexity of the task. However, our experienced writers will make sure that your project will be completed in time all the time even if it is an urgent requirement if we take the project. Because we may have many projects at any given point of time, and our writers may be working on more than one at a time, it is difficult to be very specific on this issue. If you are looking for a very high quality assignment, we urge you to inform us of your requirement in advance so that we can spend enough time on your work.

5. Will you do revisions?
Yes! We will revise the assignment for you at no additional cost if the assignment does not meet your requirements, provided you inform us within 48 hours after receiving the assignment. We will revise it for you after 48 hours subject to writer availability and additional charges. However, if our assignment meets all the requirements you have provided, and you still need changes because you forgot to include some details, we can edit the assignment at extra costs depending upon the extent of change. However, if the change is substantial, we will have to charge at regular prices.

6. How do you accept payments?
We accept payments by PayPal, Credit Cards or Bank Transfer. We recommend that customers open a PayPal account, as this is the easiest and most convenient way to send and receive funds internationally. You may contact PayPal in your country for information on how to register.

7. What are the payment terms?
For academic projects, 50% of the payment is due at the time of the placing the order with us. The rest of the payment may be made when the project has been completed and a screen shot is provided.

8. What are my responsibilities?
Firstly, your responsibility is to ensure that you provide us with all the details of your requirements as clearly as possible so that there is no room for error in understanding the requirements and completing your project. Secondly, you are required to make the payments on time at the time of placing the order and after receiving the screen shot of your completed assignment so that your project is not delayed or withheld. Thirdly, you are required to use our work only as a model and cite phantompen.net as a source of your research information.